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Project Description:

This project contains a replacement for certain WPF functionalities in SL5.  Currently the project contains 6 markup extensions with more on the way:

  • TypeExtension - reference types to set on properties.
  • StaticExtension - get the value of a static field or property.
  • MultiBinding (and IMultiValueConverter) - allows data binding to be performed on a single property from more than one source.  (I.E. bind three byte values into an RGB for a color)
  • ObjectDataProvider- call static methods or parametrized constructors (including a fairly competent overload resolver).
  • ArrayExtension - easily declare an array and initialize it from a collection of elements.
  • CompositeCollection (and CollectionContainer)- declare a collection that is itself made up of smaller collections.  The created collection will correctly respond to collection change events from the smaller parts and translate them to collection changed events on the outer collection.

A sample application is included in the source code and it contains a single XAML page using all of the markup extensions.

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